Infants & Toddlers

Preschool Director:

Jessica Chase




Our preschool and nursery ministry is called sprouts(growing children in the Son).. our ministry design is to communicate 3 powerful truths to our precious little ones. 1.God made me. 2. God loves me. 3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever. We love our little ones and know that within the heart of a child is the faith to move mountains. Stop by and check out what our little ones are working on at our First Fruits board.(located in the Nursery hallway)


0-5 yr. olds

God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my friend forever.
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Kids 6 to 11


Teach your children when they are young


Children’s Director:

Rachelle Shaw

Hi friends!
I was born right here in Brooksville, FL. However it would be 20 years later that I would open my heart to the Lord and accept the new life that Christ wanted for me. Growing up, my family and I attended church on a regular basis, however during my teen years my idea and love for God was put aside for the fleeting things that this world has to offer. But, the Lord remained faithful. The summer before my 21st birthday a co-worker shared her story of God’s grace and seeing how real her faith was in her life challenged me. That night I found myself broken and open to God’s forgiveness and accepted Him as not just my Savior but fully surrendered to Him being Lord of my life. I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Hudson, Fl that fall.

After graduation I began attending First Baptist Church of Brooksville and got connected with the youth group. I served here for the next several years. It was here that I met my hunky husband Greg of seven years. Our family began to grow 5 years ago as we welcomed our first child Sadie Rose into the world and two year later we would meet our son Luke. Our prayer is that our children will see our love for the Lord and our church family and that would be an anchor for them as they develop their own faith and love for Christ.


I love the purpose and ministry of the local church. I passionately believe that equipping and investing into the life of a child is close to the heart of God. That the purpose of the church is not to take the responsibility of teaching faith to this next generation away from the family, but rather be a supporting role in the restoration and strength of family as God intended.

I am reminded continually that having a child-like faith, an open and dependent love for Christ, and being okay with not always having the answer but knowing Who does is part of having an authentic healthy relationship with our Savior. It is such a privilege and really a lot of fun to work with the children and families of First Baptist Church of Brooksville.


Children's m

Grow 252

Grow 252 is a ministry for our 1st-5th graders. Our design is to be a consistent influence through our leadership whose goal is to incite wonder, provoke discovery, and fuel passion in our sons and daughters. We believe that every child needs a person and a place to anchor their lives to something solid. Our goal is to support your family in bringing our young children to an authentic and exciting relationship with Jesus Christ!

Children’s Ministry

We are currently in need of workers on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. Please see Rachelle Shaw,


FBC Children Need Teachers Like YOU

  1st-5th Grade

I need to make the right choice.
I can trust God no matter what.
I should treat others the way I want to be treated.